Chosen Fool (Forever Evermore #5)

Written By: Scarlett Dawn

Chosen Fool (Forever Evermore #5)

Scarlett Dawn

About The Author

New York Times bestseller and award winner Scarlett Dawn is the author of the Forever Evermore new adult fantasy series, King Hall, King Cave, King Tomb and Chosen Thief.

She lives in the Midwest of the United States, adores her music loud, and demands her fries covered in melted cheese.


Thank you to my family who listens with a creative mind, knows when to back away, and can still cheer me on.

You are my all.

To Kate Cuthbert,

You aren’t just a managing editor.

You are a friend.

Forever blessed to know you,


Chapter One

“How did I get talked into this?” I mumbled under my breath. I sat sideways on the seat inside the black, armored limo, staring wide-eyed. The enormous ski mounts were covered with the hated white stuff. Viewing the Colorado mountains from high above in the private jet hadn’t been atrocious, but now they were much more immense as we approached them on ground level—and a shit-ton more painful. I would much rather be jumping over a ravine on a powerful bike than sliding down a peak at unstoppable speeds on slippery skis.

Leric placed his right arm on the back of the leather bench seat, tilting his head so he could gauge my reaction. I merely continued gawking at the mountains, my gaze trapped on the cause of the hurt that was to come—because those shimmering peaks sure as hell didn’t contain bunny slopes anywhere. He asked on a quiet hum, “You’re really that bad?”

My jaw clenched, but I nodded once. “Sin has a tally of how many times I’ve fallen.”

They would all see. There was no point in fibbing about the issue.

On the bench seat across from us, Sin chuckled softly. “Let’s just say, it’s in the high triple digits. Bordering on four. And she’s only skied six times.”

Fisting my hands, I sighed as my nails dug into my palms. “Maybe I’ll just sit by the fire and drink hot chocolate this time?”

“No way,” Aria griped from the back seat, sitting next to King Zeller, her own eyes squinted in worry. “If I’m getting out there, so are you.”

“First time?” I asked, jerking my attention away from the horrifying view and turning to sit properly on my seat. It pleased me that Leric didn’t remove his arm from behind me, his body’s warmth creeping through the frigidness in my bones. “Please tell me you’re a newbie? Or you suck just as bad as I do?”

Her chin lifted with haughty flare, a sure sign she was the Prodigy Vampire, about to be Queen. But she still grumbled, “I’ve skied twice in my life. Both times ended with me on my face or ass more than I was on my feet.” She groaned, shrugging an attractive shoulder. “I think it’s my speed or my sight, but either way my balance is completely off.”

King Zeller ran a hand over his face, staring out the windows, his expression blank. “I haven’t skied, either, in a very long time.” Absently, he patted Aria’s left leg. “Just be careful out there. I once lost someone on the slopes, and I’d hate to lose another.”

Aria gawked at his profile. “Was that supposed to be encouraging?”

“No.” He thrummed his fingers on the armrest between them, not even glancing at her, his attention still outside. “It was a warning.”

My eyebrows rose at his blunt honesty.

Aria peered at me, her words dry. “This is the caring nature I’ve dealt with for years.”

Sin hummed for a beat, and then he murmured softly, “Aria, often compassion is expressed through realistic truths.” He tilted his head slightly to King Zeller, but his green eyes were steadfast on her. “For someone who speaks of being caring, you didn’t ask the correct question.”

Aria blinked slowly, but a moment later her attention turned to King Zeller. Her lips parted, but his hand flicked up, stopping whatever she was going to say.

King Zeller’s spring green eyes darted to Sin’s then back out the window as he dropped his hand. His words were even and simply stated. “I lost my mate while we were skiing.” Aria—hell, all the occupants inside the limo—went utterly motionless as he laid his past out there. His attention swung from the picturesque town we were now driving through to stare into her wide, possibly contrite eyes. His lips lifted in a soft smile, a genuine show of affection for her. “Aria, it’s all right. It was a very long time ago. I’ve recovered since then.” He patted her leg again, his countenance quickly altering. Eyes narrowed, he ordered, “Just be careful.”

Aria swallowed, her mouth shutting delicately. She nodded a bit too swiftly. “Of course.” Her jaw flexed, then she quickly blurted, “I’m sorry for my insensitive comment. I should have asked whom you lost instead of being impolite.”

King Zeller’s eyebrows rose at her apology. “Thank you.” Before he turned back to the view outside, his gaze ran across Sin again, a thoughtful expression on his face. Then, with his scrutiny out the window once more, he stated, “Strangely, Sin, having you around isn’t all bad.”

Sin chuckled low, sounding evil. He stretched his long legs in front of him, his feet brushing mine and resting there. “I’ll have to work on that.”