Invision (Chronicles of Nick #7)(10)

Written By: Sherrilyn Kenyon

Obviously, it was on.


“Whoa, Gautier! You’re jumpier than normal, which given the fact that you could double as a hyperactive squirrel most days, says a lot.”

Nick grimaced as Brynna Addams and LaShonda Thibideaux stopped beside him at his locker. “Thought you were Caleb sneaking up on me to do something foul … like wedgie me before class,” he lied, hoping Brynna would accept his excuse. Not that Caleb needed to sneak up on him to give him a wedgie.

Evil demonkyn snot could do that with his Jedi mind tricks from across the room. And had been known to do so in his crankier moods.

One day, Nick was going to fully master his and return that favor.

Then run like heck into another dimension where hopefully Caleb would never find him.

“Ah. That explains it.” Adorably cute as she stepped up to reach for her lock, Brynna was an average girl-next-door who dressed in understated khaki pants and conservative button-downs, while LaShonda was her flamboyant best friend with a flair for stylish J-pop trends. Today, Shon had gone in for that whole sexy Japanese Lolita schoolgirl uniform that reminded Nick of something out of a fantasy manga—right down to the frilly white cuffs and bright frou-frou red bow tie, and a blazer that was two sizes too small, which seriously emphasized a part of her ample anatomy he wasn’t looking at because he didn’t want to get Jack-slapped for sexual harassment.

Not that it was the only reason.… Also, because he wasn’t a lech.

However, he would be a most happy and well-behaved boy if his woman would borrow some of LaShonda’s outfits from time to time.

Yeah, Kody would look incredible in that.

And as usual, Shon had gone all-out with the theme. She even had her sisterlocks pulled back with a matching navy headband, and white knee-high socks and stacked Mary Jane shoes.

Nick cringed the second that thought went through his head and was highly mortified that he knew what those black shiny shoes were called. But then Kody was slowly “civilizing” him on such things. Any day now, he’d be eating off plates and drinking out of glasses like a real person.

Though to be honest, he was coming to his education under duress. He still didn’t really understand why women needed more than two pairs of shoes—those you wore and the pair your mom forced on your feet for church and special occasions because your regular shoes were holey and not holy.

Blushing, he stepped out of the way so that Brynna could open her locker door to grab her books. “Did you get all of the English reading done last night?”

“No!” Brynna let out a sound of supreme annoyance. “It was too much. Did you? And if you say yes, I will hurt you.”

“I cheated and just had Kyrian tell me about it. Great thing about working for an ancient Greek boss. He knows The Iliad like the back of his hand, and actually enjoys lecturing me on it. I think he personally knew Achilles.”

She snorted. “He’s not that old.”

“No, but Ash is.”

She laughed.

“Actually…” Tightening her grip on her books, Shon looked around before she leaned in to whisper, “I heard a rumor from my mom that Kyrian slept with the granddaughter of an Amazon queen who fought at Troy.”

Nick snorted in denial. “No way!”

Shon held her right hand up to testify to its truth. “That’s what they claim.”

“Who’s they?” Brynna asked.

“Other Greek Dark-Hunters.” Shon flipped her hair over her shoulder. “Zoe being one of them. And she’s old enough to know … and was an Amazon princess.”

Nick considered that. Shon would know. Like Brynna, she came from one of the older Squire families that had been protecting the identities and existence of Dark-Hunters for generations, and providing services and cover for them. Even better, Shon’s father was the New Orleans’ Council lead historian and archive keeper, and had been for years. So when it came to the history of the Dark-Hunters—what they’d done and who they knew, he was the authority for the region.

“I’d ask Kyrian about it, but he gets cranky when I get too personal with inquiries.… Wonder if Ash knows.”

“Probably.” Brynna pulled her books out of her locker and shoved them in her tote. “He knows everything.”

Not quite. He had no idea Nick was a Malachai. Or that Kody was his niece. For all the powers Acheron commanded, there were a surprising number of things that could be kept hidden from the ancient Atlantean.

But Nick didn’t correct her. He was quickly learning that most everyone and everything had a weakness of some sort. Nature tended to build in an off-switch.

Every Titanic met its iceberg.

That’s what Kyrian had told him the point of The Iliad was. Balance and moderation. Regression to the mean.

Every Hector met his Achilles. Every Achilles met his Paris. Every Priam had an Agamemnon and every Agamemnon had a Clytemnestra.

Sooner or later, everyone paid for the wrongs they did to others. And when karma came home to roost, she brought nasty, irritable friends with spears.

It was making the hardest choices at the hardest times, and learning to stand by them and bear out the consequences.

Speaking of …

He turned as he felt the powerful presence of a preter who never failed to put a dopey grin on his face. The minute he saw Kody’s bright green eyes and tight red tee, he realized he should have worn looser pants. Thankfully, he had on a really baggie Hawaiian shirt.